Student 1
Learned:about seeing water at diff temps
Wants to Know: if heated the room up wpould metal be hotter

Student 2
Learned: when substances are same temp they feel different
Wants to Know: if used other material would you get same results

Student 3
Learned: 4 different blocs have samea temperature, body heat changes feeling of blcoks
Wants to Know: would

Student 4
Learned: draw with thermometer
Wants to Know: do heat and temperature different or all they always they same

Student 5
Learned: touch objects feel different but saem temp
Wants to Know: use corn syrup would it be the same

Student 6
Learned: touch different then temp
Wants to Know: moon

Student 7
Learned: metal diff conductivity then styrofoam, conductor
Wants to Know: if left cup of water would change room temp

Student 8
Learned:names for sizes of moon
Wants to Know: using different liquid would affect how quickly the substances would change

Student 9
Learned: everything is same temperature, our touch that makes feel different
Wants to Know: how long it will take for moon to finish its cycle

Student 10
Learned: different materials absororb heat from hand diff
Wants to Know: what happens after moon gets full

Student 11
Learned: touch different then room temo
Wants to Know: length of moon cycle

Student 12
Wants to Know:

Student 13
Wants to Know:

Peer Instructor
Wants to Know:

Peer Instructor
Learned: thermomters chnage temp quickly
Wants to Know: whenm moon will rise tonight, how it will move across the sky

Learned: heat is challenge room with no water
Wants to Know: wondering if problem is with temperature probes

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