Student 1
Learned: how a rainbow is made, it's really cool
Wants to Know: now that it's getting bigger, create an obtuse angle

Student 2
Learned:how a rainbow is formed
Wants to Know: still wondering more about the colors disperse

Student 3
Learned: how a rainbow is made
Wants to Know: the colors from the raindrops organize in a way to make it into a rainbow

Student 4
Learned: about how a rainbow is made
Wants to Know: how we perceive color is due to the angle of refraction

Student 5
Learned: rainbow happens in one rain drop
Wants to Know: curious as to why it is arched

Student 6
Learned: a lot goes on inside a little rain drop
Wants to Know: how we can see a rainbow in oil

Student 7
Learned: creating a rainbow takes a sequence with refraction reflection refraction
Wants to Know: why the rainbow moves with you when you move

Student 8
Learned: how rainbows happen
Wants to Know: a double rainbow

Student 9
Learned: how rainbows are formed
Wants to Know: how you can see a rainbow in a bubble or foil

Student 10
Learned: we get different colors from one raindrop
Wants to Know: if I'll be able to see the moon eventually

Student 11
Learned: how to demonstrate light rays using the basketball
Wants to Know: does the light ray go through every single raindrop to create it or just whichever is in its path

Student 12
Learned: why we see rainbows the way we do
Wants to Know: how we see rainbows around the sun

Student 13
Learned: all that goes on inside a raindrop for a rainbow
Wants to Know: curious about the double rainbow

Peer Instructor
Learned: about the laser, when light comes out of the raindrop it refracts up
Wants to Know: if you guys will be able to answer about the moon by next class

Peer Instructor
Learned: that you need to stand between the sun and the rainbow to see it
Wants to Know: why the rainbow has an arc

Learned: how brittle my knowledge is, I knew a version, took it down to step by step
Wants to Know: why you see a rainbow in an airplane, learned that the light ray bounces off of the bottom of the raindrop and refracts up as well

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