Student 1
Learned: angle of bending
Wants to Know: when see the moon again

Student 2
Learned:white ilight from the sun dispersed
Wants to Know: pinhole phenomena

Student 3
Learned: refraction
Wants to Know: pinhole pictures

Student 4
Learned: image can be refracted in water
Wants to Know: light source hitting prism

Student 5
Learned: look through prism see rainbow and light bending
Wants to Know: see moon

Student 6
Learned: images appear different in water
Wants to Know: why base of prism didn't see triangle

Student 7
Learned: light changes mediums light bends
Wants to Know: why the dot moves

Student 8
Learned: image bends under water
Wants to Know: if under water with stick would it bend

Student 9
Learned: light bend with other sources
Wants to Know: why a mirror reflects light

Student 10
Wants to Know: flash moon, can't see moon?

Student 11
Learned: light comes out of prism, changing light
Wants to Know: water

Student 12
Learned: light refracts creates imaginary dot
Wants to Know: prism

Student 13
Wants to Know: different shapes of prisms would it look different

Peer Instructor
Wants to Know:

Peer Instructor
Learned: still learning, direction of bending
Wants to Know: if went underwater, what would see

Learned: files comments,
Wants to Know: technology

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