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Fall 2016 Day 1

Daily Schedule

Peer Instructor Reflections

Going on a Field Trip to Observe the Sky
Written by: Katie Rodriggs

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Exploring Ways to Foster Science Learning
Written by: Nathalie Gaebe

Students were provided a large piece of paper at each table group with a bag of markers. I asked them to think back to a time when they learned about light phenomena in a way that fostered their learning very well. I asked them to note the age they were when they learned this phenomena, where they were, who they were with, why it stuck with them and the ways their learning was fostered. They drew a large picture to represent their learning experience. Each group then had the opportunity to share these experiences with the class. Some of these experiences included learning about shadows, sunsets and rainbows. After each group shared, I asked them to discuss among themselves the common themes in the ways that fostered their learning. I had a few members from each group share the common themes they found and we wrote those themes on a large sheet of paper for everyone to see. These themes included asking questions, hands on, being curious and being outside.

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