Student 1
Learned: all have forces together, the sun earth and moon
Wants to Know: can forces be broken

Student 2
Learned:this program takes a long time to install
Wants to Know: do the sun and moon have a gravitational relationship

Student 3
Learned: it doesn't take as long to get to the moon as i thought
Wants to Know: do other planets have a similar gravitational pull, what relationship do they have on us and our moon

Student 4
Learned: how fast we are moving, I was expecting it to take longer
Wants to Know: how fast is the earth rotating

Student 5
Learned: earth and sun stay in orbit because of gravity
Wants to Know: will earth fall into the sun because of gravity

Student 6
Learned: earth will take place of third quarter moon
Wants to Know: will earth take the place of other phases of the moon

Student 7
Learned: when you're on the moon, a feather and hammer will hit at the same time
Wants to Know: how the motion detectors will go

Student 8
Learned: if you drop two things from the same height they'll drop at the same time
Wants to Know: how this happens

Student 9
Learned: speed earth is traveling around the sun
Wants to Know: how the moon affects ocean tides

Student 10
Learned: as the earth and moon revolve, the earth takes the place of the moon
Wants to Know: how it will go at the elementary school

Student 11
Learned: more about force and inertia
Wants to Know: how the moon affects the tides

Student 12
Learned: earth's rotation and how it works
Wants to Know: when is the next supermoon

Student 13
Learned: how the moon in third quarter, the earth will reach that spot
Wants to Know: how elementary school will go

Peer Instructor
Learned: peer instructing is quite the experience
Wants to Know: couldn't find the rainbow

Peer Instructor
Learned: i miss math
Wants to Know: earth's orbit

Wants to Know:

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