Student 1
Learned: solar lunar eclipse
Wants to Know: how school experience will go

Student 2
Learned:lunR SOLAR eclipse
Wants to Know: whAT MOON looks like

Student 3
Learned: constellations pertain to seasons
Wants to Know: how lesson plan will go

Student 4
Learned: direction rotating revolving earth and moon
Wants to Know: wondering about questions for students

Student 5
Learned: solar lunar eclipse
Wants to Know: how school visit will go

Student 6
Learned: constellations
Wants to Know: what will outcome of question be

Student 7
Learned: how seasons change
Wants to Know: concetllations

Student 8
Learned: moon and sun don't rotate and revolve clockwise
Wants to Know: how next tuesday with classroom will go

Student 9
Learned: about solar lunar eclipse
Wants to Know: more about constellations

Student 10
Learned: about different constellations, signs
Wants to Know: constellations and signs, astrology

Student 11
Learned: earth is titled north
Wants to Know: combined book will turn out

Student 12
Learned: constellations different seasons
Wants to Know: constellations and signs

Student 13
Wants to Know:

Peer Instructor
Learned: sometimes responding to students inquiries and altering lesson can increase whole group understanding
Wants to Know: how better articulate northern southern hemisphere, seasons

Peer Instructor
Learned: star dome, north star stays in sy regardless of where you are
Wants to Know: if only northern hemisphere sees north star

Learned: why solar eclipse is shorter than lunar eclipse
Wants to Know: mae sure everyone knows summer happens because not closer to sun

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