Student 1
Learned: greenhouse effect is
Wants to Know: more about greenhouse effect works

Student 2
Learned: models for demonstrting in a class
Wants to Know: eclipses

Student 3
Learned: about earth receiving earth radiation, as infared
Wants to Know: greenhouse effect

Student 4
Learned: moon model, so kids could be interactive with it
Wants to Know: greenhouse effect

Student 5
Learned: more about details f greenhouse effect, why
Wants to Know: how super moon are created

Student 6
Learned: UV, radiation doesn't go through glass, can't go through atmosphere
Wants to Know: supermon

Student 7
Learned: lamda, wavelength
Wants to Know: greenhouse effect causing damage to earth

Student 8
Learned: greenhouse effect
Wants to Know: long term effects of greenhouse effect

Student 9
Learned: how to make sun moon model with ourselves
Wants to Know: more about greenhouse effect

Student 10
Learned: how to create good models for children with mo0on
Wants to Know: supermoon

Student 11
Learned: good models for children
Wants to Know: history of geocentric vs

Student 12
Learned: greenhouse
Wants to Know: deepend understanding for greenhouse effect

Student 13
Wants to Know:

Peer Instructor
Learned: geocentric models
Wants to Know: bottom half of moon was lit

Peer Instructor
Learned: geocentric
Wants to Know: supermoon

Wants to Know:

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