Student 1
Learned: i am somewhat prepared, more i can do though
Wants to Know: when is the earthquake going to hit

Student 2
Learned: how to prepare for an earthquake\\s Wants to Know: where to go if it hits

Student 3
Learned: i should make a go bag
Wants to Know: where to go, even if not on the coast

Student 4
Learned: I;m not ready for an earthquake
Wants to Know: not going to coast anytime soon

Student 5
Learned: not prepared for tsunami
Wants to Know: how will corvallis be affected b7y earthquake

Student 6
Learned: not prepared
Wants to Know: where go when tsunami hits the beach

Student 7
Learned: earthquake hit far away
Wants to Know: how far in oregon will it reach

Student 8
Learned: difference between p wave and S wave
Wants to Know: why are there two different kinds of waves, different strengths?

Student 9
Learned: how can better prepare myself
Wants to Know: will buildings collapse?

Student 10
Learned: p waves and s waves
Wants to Know: when the earthquake is happening

Student 11
Learned: map of coast safe spots
Wants to Know: know when happen so I can prepare self

Student 12
Learned: P and S waves
Wants to Know: plane tickets cost

Student 13
Learned: Be more prepared
Wants to Know: know when it's going to happen

Peer Instructor
Wants to Know: how to create a positive v negative respponse

Peer Instructor
Learned: P waves are faster than S waves but models aren't perfect
Wants to Know: more about aftershock

Wants to Know:

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