Fall 2009: Day 14 Reflections

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The Instructional Strategy of Reflection
Fall 2009-Day 14

What did you learn? What are you still curious about?
I learned about Galileo and Aristotle and the interesting ideas that they had. Why do objects that are different fall at the same rate when they have different weights?
We need to put evidence in our writing! How does this motion experiment really work?
There are many different ways to display history. The role playing we did was a fun way. If you drop things like a pencil and an eraser that are totally different sizes, will they still drop at the same rate?
My initial thought about the DQ was right, and then I second guessed myself. I thought that they would land at the same time, but then I changed my answer. I am curious about the second question on the DQ related to the moon.
I learned the time frame for Galileo's and Aristotle's theories. I knew what the answer should be when we dropped items, but I can't reconcile in my brain why.
I remember dropping items in science class before, but I learned about the theories with a scripted discussion approach. I'm curious about the homework.
Notebooks are great tools for checking in with students. I wonder what would have happened if I would have collected these daily, what direction we would have gone.
Color is a great tool to help organize ideas for some students. Are we ever going to get these motion detectors to work and be able to arrive at the results that we are hoping to find?

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