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Climate Change

Internet Resources

On Day 15, we devote most of the session to developing an explanatory model for the Earth's seasons. Toward the end of the session, we also explore internet resources for climate change:

10:30-11:00 Exploring Internet Resources about Climate Change

Four groups explore studies about issues related to climate change. Each pair is assigned a topic, have time(10 minutes) to explore website(s) relevant to that topic, and (5 minutes) to prepare a whiteboard to share with the whole class something of interest from the website. (15 minutes) to present and reflect. Give a handout to each group: (one white board per group) (3 groups of 3, one group of 2)

Day 15 Exploration of Climate Change Internet Resources

During the first half of Day 16, we explore motion graphs with motion detectors, make an analogy between motion graphs and graphs of melting ice in the Arctic, watch videos of melting ice in Greenland, and engage small groups in a second round of exploring internet resources about climate change. The attached handout includes URLs for university, state, nation, and international agency efforts to address climate change (Handout 2) and several additional URLs. These include a URL for the 2015 United Nations Convention on Climate Change in Paris, a Carbon Footprint calculator, and URLs for the “Chasing Ice” videos we watch in class.

Day 16 Continued Exploration of Climate Change Internet Resources

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