Ongoing Conversations About the Moon

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Ongoing Topic Matter
Sun/Earth/Moon System Phenomena

The nature of this class is inquiry-based. Knowledge is continually built upon throughout the term. The conversations that are held in class about the moon are ongoing because as students make observations, develop questions and ideas, and explore science phenomena, they collaboratively discuss this knowledge. Piece by piece, students develop an understanding of the course material.

Classes Are Often Started With an Opening Conversation About the Moon

Before Class:

We engage individuals in brief conversations about their observations of the moon as they enter the classroom and are getting settled at their tables. “Were you able to see the moon? What did you see?” This encourages students to share their observations with their tablemates and provides positive reinforcement for the act of looking for the moon outside of class. However, usually most confess to having forgotten about looking for the moon.
Typically one or two students have seen the moon and are able to provide a few observations. As we identify students who have moon observations, we ask them to record those on the wall calendar under the appropriate dates. Initially we ask only for a sketch of the shape of the moon they have seen and the time of observation.

Opening Class with a Conversation about the Moon:

We open class with a conversation about the moon so that everyone hears about what has been seen and begins thinking about those observations and making predictions for what might be seen next.

Transcript of Opening Conversation

Videoclip of Opening Conversation


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