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Winter Term 2017
Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor
PH 104Descriptive Astronomy Milstein, Randall
PH 106Perspectives in Physics Not Offered
PH 199Special Topics - First year orientationManogue, Corinne
PH 202General Physics Walsh, KC
PH 205Solar System Astronomy, E-campusHadley, Kathryn
PH 206Stars and Stellar Evolution, E-campusNot offered
PH 207Galaxies, Quasars, and Cosmology, E-campusHadley, Kathryn
PH 207Galaxies, Quasars, and Cosmology, HybridHadley, Kathryn
PH 211General Physics w/ Calculus Bannon, David
PH 212General Physics w/ Calculus Coffin, Chris
PH 213General Physics w/ Calculus - ScaleUp 4pmBannon, David
PH 213General Physics w/ Calculus - ScaleUp 10amJansen, Henri
PH 213General Physics w/ Calculus - ScaleUp 9amKetter, Jim
PH 221Recitation for PH211Bannon, David
PH 222Recitation for PH212Coffin, Chris
PH 222HHonors recitation for PH212Schneider, Guenter
PH 223Recitation for PH213Jansen, Henri
PH 223HHonors recitation for PH213McIntyre, David
PH 265Intro Scientific Computing Not Offered
PH 315Minot, Ethan
PH 331Sound, Hearing and MusicGiebultowicz, Tomasz
PH 366Applications in Computational Physics IIRoundy, David
PH 403Thesis WIC classTate, Janet
PH 407Teaching SeminarJansen, Henri
PH 407hWeird world of Quantum MechanicsStetz, Albert
PH 411Analog and Digital ElectronicsGiebultowicz, Tomasz
PH 421Paradigm: OscillationsNot Offered
PH 424Paradigm: Waves Graham, Matt
PH 425Paradigm: Quantum Measurements and Spin Gire, Elizabeth
PH 451Capstone: Quantum Mechs Tate, Janet
PH 464Scientific Computing (II)Schneider, Guenter
PH 481Physical Optics McIntyre, David
PH 482Optical Electronic SystemsWang, Alan
PH 591Biological PhysicsQiu, Weihong
PH 607Teaching SeminarJansen, Henri
PH 607Research SeminarTBA
PH 621Dynamics Single & MultiparticleSun, Bo
PH 632Electromagnetic Theory Lee, Yun-Shik
PH 652Quantum Mechanics Ostroverkhova, Oksana
PH 672Solid State Physics, module 2Not Offered
PH 674Solid State Physics, module 4Not Offered
PH 682AMO Physics, module 2Not Offered
PH 684AMO Physics, module 4Not Offered